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Do you choose anti-theft door anti-theft lock products?

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With the progress of science and technology today, we have more choices for safety products. At the same time, we have a little more concern about product safety. The anti theft lock core of burglar proof door is not burglarproof and intelligent is unsafe. In order to avoid the occurrence of security problems, if you meet the following type of anti-theft door lock products, it is best to treat it carefully.


First, the key to hang on the door of the security door is best not to buy.

For safety reasons, there are three problems.

1. The copy of the key is very simple. If you hang the key on the door, you can see the structure of the lock core as soon as you know the lock core common sense. It's easy to match a key like yours.

2, a picture taken by a mobile phone can also be equipped with the same key.

3, use mud or rubber to press a mold, easy to match the key.

The key to hanging the key on the door is not to understand the basic safety knowledge, but not to the safety of users. Such a security conscious enterprise's production of security door products can not be trusted.

The correct way should be: the anti-theft door is separated from the anti-theft lock core, and the anti-theft lock core must be sealed well and can not be opened. When installed, the owner will confirm that the package has not been moved, and then it will be installed by the owner himself. The key card will be kept by the owner. The high-end anti-theft door brand's anti-theft lock key and lock core are all handed over to the owners hand in hand.

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