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Common sense of anti-theft door lock installation knowledge burglar lock

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The main function of the anti-theft door is the security of the people and property, so it is particularly important to say the quality of the anti-theft door is particularly important. In the whole quality system, besides the quality of the door plate, there is the quality of the security door lock. From a certain level, the installation of the security door lock is very important. When choosing a security door, you can't just focus on the materials of the anti-theft door panel, and the anti-theft door lock should be given enough attention. So what should we pay attention to when installing and selecting anti-theft door locks? Here is a brief introduction.


GD8801 (Phnom Phnom beeline archaize)

Security door lock installation, first of all to select the appropriate security door lock for the market security door, the choice of the door lock can be said very important, and the price difference is very big, mainly because of the different level of the door lock, the safety factor is different, the price is natural and different. Generally speaking, the B and super B lock prices are higher, but these types of locks are very good, even if it is unlocked, it is difficult to open within a few hours, and the security is very good.


GD8801 (Black Bronze and black gold snow)

Security door lock installation, secondly to understand the price difference between security door locks, security door locks, as an important factor in the security of home, in addition to sturdy and durable, the stability is also important. The price of anti-theft door locks is an important criterion that consumers need to investigate. Generally speaking, the material of the lock core is different and the price is different. For example, the market of the beautiful treasure brand of the lock pure copper material price in 120 yuan, and high prices of products such as Katie zine alloy door lock, the price of thousands of yuan, the difference is very big.


GD8801 (green bronze snowflakes)

Security door lock installation, third should pay attention to some installation attention in addition to understanding the price of anti-theft door lock, the installation aspects of attention also need to know more, the main is the installation of the steps, first drilling the lock body installation hole position on the anti-theft door, and then is to prevent the theft door lock lock body into the hole position, fixed screw . Of course, if it is the first installation, then the outside hand, the inside hand, observe whether the lock tongue can be recovered smoothly, it should be tested several times to ensure smooth use. In general, the installation of anti-theft door lock is not a simple work, the choice of a suitable, safe door lock, can really play the role of anti-theft door.

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